Pernilla & Anders / Grand Hôtel Stockholm

I could spend two days curating the perfect post about these two, instead I am choosing a few photos from the heart to show you of this beautiful couple.

Lieselotte van der Meijs - Omg omg omg Jenny! I just love every single image from this wedding, you have totally exceeded yourself this time!

Jenny & Petter’s wedding in Ulriksdal

I really like these two. They did not lose sight of what is important on a day like this. Sure, they looked AMAZING. The dress and suit, and beautiful flowers. But they were present, and didn’t get lost in the mechanism of a wedding, which some do these days. I like that. Photographing these two felt easy, as they were so unpretentious and relaxed. We had our portrait session on the grounds of Ulriksdal, the wedding ceremony in the chapel (Ulriksdals kapell) with music SO beautiful that there was not a dry eye in the house, and drinks and dinner (and party) in the main house, Ulriksdals Värdshus. How do I know they didn’t lose sight of what was important on this big day? Because you can’t fake the way they looked at each other, all day, all night.

Kay Evans - Another amazing day with a bride & a groom and their family & friends. I’m always in awe on how you capture the shots and they look like they were given no direction, just all natural. My 3 favs are the picture of the bride through the partially open doorway, the b/w of the couple out in the field, and of all things the back of the bride’s dress showing the details. Loved the others too, just my chocies. So glad you are out there pursuing your love….it shows in the outcome. God Bless you

Melissa Jones - What a fabulous set of photos. You have captured the best of the best. Beautiful couple.

Karen Pfaff Manganillo - So gorgeous (as always), Jenny!!

Lieselotte van der Meijs - Underbara bilder!