Madde and Mo (part 1)


Madde and Mo got married in the Old Town (Gamla Stan) this past weekend, and I wanted to give this sneak peak before I head out for a few days vacation. More photos to come of this beautiful couple.

Alicia Swedenborg - L.O.V.E. the dress! Can’t wait to see more pics!
Enjoy your days of – you totally deserve it! :)

Anna SmallpigArt - Jätte vackert par/bild, skulle kunna gifta om mig i den klänningen! Gud va härligt med några dagars ledigt, det händer inte oss bröllopsfotografer så ofta den här tiden på året ;-) passa på att njuta, hyr film, ligg i soffan eller på stranden om nu solen tittar fram…

Seth and Ida







Just minutes before making their entrance int he church…




Each guest had to find their name on the archipelago-inspired cards to see what table name was written on the back side of it!




OzDeleau - kul att se fler bilder från Waxholm! vackert brudpar och härligt med trädallén, är svag för såna… ;-) kul idé med placeringskorten



Thanks to my lovely couple  from this weekend (who shall remain mysteriously anonymous). They put up with wind and rain on their wedding day, but despite bad weather, they were in good spirits and we had a great time shooting their wedding!

They say rain on your wedding day brings good luck… I do believe that.

Erika Gerdemark - Absolutely adorable! /erika

Book Plug

Last week I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful woman Monica Eisenman. She, together with Lisa Eisenman Frisk, is part of a sister duo that has recently come out with a new cookbook filled with gorgeous and delicious summer treats. This book is a MUST-HAVE, not only because of the great recipes but for the photos… sometimes I just page through it to feel happy. Lisa and Monica are so talented, as well as the book’s photographer Ulrika Ekblom. 

Last week, however, I photographed a couple of sweets with Monica and as you see in the photos I even got to help! We made a cake and some cookies, so tune in later in the summer and I will let you know when they are published.



on sale now! :)