Brotherly Love

There was a rain storm looming as I photographed this lovely Norweigan family while they were visiting Stockholm. I actually love when it’s windy, it somehow makes everything come to life. What I love about photographing kids, is that they do as they please, and are so REAL, and that was really true for these adorable kids, 1 and almost 4 years old.

Fotograf Louise Johansson - How beautiful!! Amazing, you have caught so much joy and happiness in the pictures!

odd brown bird - Gud så underbart. Ljuset är grymt. Dessutom.

=) Eva

Sofia’s Pregnancy Photos

My husband asked me the other day why women want to have their photos taken when they are pregnant? He probably remembers when I had horrible morning sickness for the first 4 months and how I suffered from heartburn, back pain and waddling. And since my babies threatened to come out in week 27 (13 weeks too early) I was on total bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy and in and out of the hospital. But what I remember most was the feeling that I had never felt as beautiful as I did then. I was so proud of my twin belly and lived for the commotion they created in there. I remember my pregnancy as a wonderful time, and I guess that is how nature works. Anyway, last week I photographed Sofia, who told me she has had a wonderful pregnancy and wanted to capture this time in her life. I hope she feels beautiful when she sees these, because she really is!

Åsa - Vackra bilder och bra skrivet, jag tyckte det kändes jätteviktigt och kul att ha bilder på tvillingmagen, trots illamående och att det gjorde ont på lite för många ställen så minns man som du sa mest en varm mysig känsla av att känna de små liven därinne, och man kände sig vacker på något sätt! Nu är det inte så länge sen, men man glömmer så fort och bilderna hjälper mig verkligen att minnas :-)

Linn - Så underbart vackert! :D

Mattz Birath - Underbara bilder som vanligt :-)


Fotograf Louise Johansson - There are so many amazing pictures here that I can’t even choose a favorite! Wonderful work, absolutely love the first one!

Marianne and Thomas’ Secret Wedding in Boo Kapell

… is not a secret anymore! Thomas and Marianne got married this past Saturday with only a few close family members and relatives present. Now they are happy to announce that after 16 years of being together, and two adorable children later, they are now married. Here is a preview from their wedding.

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Mattz Birath - Underbara bilder vännen !!
Som vanligt :-)

jessica - wowwww! beautiful couple! love their story….love both of these shots….the one in color should be sold as a postcard and the black and white – well, I can just feel the love. great smiles!! thanks for sharing!

A preview from today’s wedding – Fredrik & Marie-Louise

While Marie-Louise and Fredrik dance their first dance as husband and wife, after being together for 16 years (WOW!) I want to post two shots from today that really made me smile. Lots more to come but until then I leave you with these. Thanks for today Marie-Louise and Fredrik!

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jessica - OH MY GOSH

Lorraine - Beautiful pictures. The second one actually looks like a bride and groom “Figurature”. Captured beautifully.

Family Portraits – Lidingö

This sweet family from Lidingö asked me to come and take some family photos of them in their home and back yard. Since I am used to chasing two 2,5 year olds, chasing just one felt like a breeze! Little brother stayed put and was as cuddly as can be.

jessica - how do you continue to capture the magic? amazing. these are gorgeous. thanks for sharing!