isabelle and jonas’ wedding in florence, italy

It’s finally time to show you some of my favorite shots from Isabelle and Jonas’ wedding this spring in Florence. But before you look through these, turn on Andrea Bocelli’s “The Prayer”, and pour yourself a glass of Chianti. If you don’t have those things available, then go get them and then come back, the photos will still be here.

I loved photographing this couple. When Isabelle and Jonas were starting to plan their wedding, they got the idea of going to Florence, a place they had visited together a year previous. Why not go there, and why not have the dinner in that quaint family-owned restaurant we loved? So they decided to do it THEIR way, which I love. They were married in Palazzio Vecchio (literally the Old Palace) which is their City Hall, in the amazingly decorated room you see in the photos. Drinks were at the Savoy Hotel and the photo shoot was at Boboli Gardens, and then in and around the city (for instance, near Pont Vecchio, the Old Bridge). And finally, a warm and familiar dinner at Trattoria Parione, amongst other diners who many of them came by to congratulate the newlyweds. During the dinner, the couple’s friend Sofie Almroth, a professional opera singer, sang for the couple… well for everyone in the whole restaurant, and everyone put down their silverware and were pulled into this beautiful moment. The whole day was so emotional and intimate, and I feel lucky to have been a part of it! Not only because I lived a year in Florence way back in the day and was able to rediscover this amazing city but mostly because I was a part of something very rare and special, and made new friends…

jessica - my heart is pounding……what can i say….these photos are up there with the Ravello wedding….not just because of the stunning architecture, but because of your eye, and this beautiful couple. i LOVE the cuff links and polishing of shoes…i love the groom’s smile with his hands on his chest…i love the couple walking in, the bride near tears, capturing the significance of the moment….LOVE that they got married in that office with just a few people….how intimate and romantic. i could *feel* italy and The Love in these photos! you are magic!! and you certainly capture the magic. i can’t wait to look at these over and over. thanks so much for sharing! OMG!

Lorraine - Wow absolutely fabulous! You can feel the happiness and love through the pictures and you have captured them so naturally x

jessica - OK….i can’t stop looking…i love her dress…i love the portrait of her looking at you/over her right shoulder where her perfect face is, well, you can see, she’s at peace…i love them standing in the frescoed interior hall of the Palazzo Vecchio…i love him touching her face at dinner…love the two walking from the main building of the Boboli Gardens and the one of both of them looking directly into the camera with Firenze’s famous landscape blurred in the back….that one is PERFECT. these are so awesome.

Christine Price - So intimate… so poignant… so beautiful.

Ett magiskt bröllop i Florens Italien » Bröllopsfotograf – hitta den som passar just ert bröllop - […] I våras fick jag äran att fotografera ett otroligt fint bröllop i Florens. Paret Isabelle och Jonas bestämde sig för att gifta sig där efter en härlig weekend de hade spenderat i den uråldriga staden. Biljetterna bokades och långbord på en urmysig familjeägd restaurang bokades. Här kommer ett urval av bilder från det bröllop, mer hittar ni på min blogg. […]

Fotograf Louise Johansson - Truly amazing pictures!

Jeffrey Hepker - pure art

Erika Gerdemark - Beautiful Jenny!

mk - Mama mia – mi piace!!!!
Brought mack some memories of my own
Beautiful work, JJ

A Countryside Wedding

Last weekend I had the privilege of photographing “D” and “A” in Hällekis, somewhere in the middle of Sweden. The ceremony was held at Forshem Church (Forshems Kyrka) and the dinner and party at Hellekis Säteri. I was able to sneak the bride and groom away from the dinner for a few minutes during the Golden Hour to take a couple of snapshots, which was a hightlight for me!

A third of the guests were from Australia, and some from the U.S., so it was truly an international affair, and there was a great mix of traditions. And I thought Swedes could party? Those Aussies were something else! A good time was had by all, including yours truly who made a couple new friends during the weekend affair. “D” and “A”, I hope these photos bring you back to that amazing day.

I am am now signing off for a few days of rest and relaxation (well as much rest and relaxation as one can get with 2-year old twin boys), but at least time away from the computer. Later!

Fotograf Louise Johansson - Wow! Absolutely amazing pictures- again! You are such a great photographer!

Linn Adlerz - Så vackert! Underbara och ömma bilder! :)

Anna - Åh vad fint! Du är så bra Jenny 😉

Fredrik and Marie-Louise’s Wedding at Krusenberg

Remember in the movie Love Actually how they show all the reunions at the airport terminal, of loved ones hugging and kissing when they meet after being apart from one another? Well, that always makes me cry, and when I am at the airport picking someone up, I love to observe and share these moments (most might call it “stare and eavesdrop”). Well, I get the same kind of feeling as I go through photos of hugs and kisses outside of the church after a marriage ceremony, and this wedding is no different. Seeing friends and family members tear up and hug the bride and groom with so much love and joy is like a drug for me. Like seeing Marie-Louise’s grandfather lovingly place his hand on Fredrik’s cheek… sigh. I know I am a total sap, but that’s why I feel I have found the right job. I am going to stop rambling and let you have a look at some of this beautiful couple’s wedding photos.

 Marie-Louise and Fredrik got married in Alsike Church (Alsike kyrka) and had the dinner and party at Krusenberg Manor (Krusenberg Herrgård).


Mattz Birath - Snygga underbara bilder som vanligt

:-) Mattz

Marie Walther - Mycket vackert arbete! Du fångade fina ögonblick med deras vänner och familjer =)

Fotograf Louise Johansson - Absolutely wonderful! You are such an inspiration!

Linn Adlerz - That’s so beautiful! Love the shot of the bride walking down the stairs with the green around her. :)

Anna - Underbara bilder Jenny! Så vackert!!!

Linda - Superfina bilder!

Brotherly Love

There was a rain storm looming as I photographed this lovely Norweigan family while they were visiting Stockholm. I actually love when it’s windy, it somehow makes everything come to life. What I love about photographing kids, is that they do as they please, and are so REAL, and that was really true for these adorable kids, 1 and almost 4 years old.

Fotograf Louise Johansson - How beautiful!! Amazing, you have caught so much joy and happiness in the pictures!

odd brown bird - Gud så underbart. Ljuset är grymt. Dessutom.

=) Eva