Fredrik and Marie-Louise’s Wedding at Krusenberg

Remember in the movie Love Actually how they show all the reunions at the airport terminal, of loved ones hugging and kissing when they meet after being apart from one another? Well, that always makes me cry, and when I am at the airport picking someone up, I love to observe and share these moments (most might call it “stare and eavesdrop”). Well, I get the same kind of feeling as I go through photos of hugs and kisses outside of the church after a marriage ceremony, and this wedding is no different. Seeing friends and family members tear up and hug the bride and groom with so much love and joy is like a drug for me. Like seeing Marie-Louise’s grandfather lovingly place his hand on Fredrik’s cheek… sigh. I know I am a total sap, but that’s why I feel I have found the right job. I am going to stop rambling and let you have a look at some of this beautiful couple’s wedding photos.

 Marie-Louise and Fredrik got married in Alsike Church (Alsike kyrka) and had the dinner and party at Krusenberg Manor (Krusenberg Herrgård).


Mattz Birath - Snygga underbara bilder som vanligt

:-) Mattz

Marie Walther - Mycket vackert arbete! Du fångade fina ögonblick med deras vänner och familjer =)

Fotograf Louise Johansson - Absolutely wonderful! You are such an inspiration!

Linn Adlerz - That’s so beautiful! Love the shot of the bride walking down the stairs with the green around her. :)

Anna - Underbara bilder Jenny! Så vackert!!!

Linda - Superfina bilder!

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